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About Golnar Djahanbani


Established 2006

Golnar Djahanbani is an ordained nondenominational Reverend, a state-authorized officiant, and holds a B.S. degree in Psychology. She has over a decade of experience officiating weddings around the globe and speaks fluent English & Farsi.

Golnar's story begins in Tehran Iran where she was born. Growing up she was an accomplished snow skier and avid equestrian competing internationally.Together she and her father General Nader Djahanbani were creating the first Iranian Olympic Equestrian team to compete in the Olympic Games in Russia. Their dream was soon to be realized until the 1979 revolution.

Golnar moved to the United States to pursue her education at Denver University. The Iranian native has studied and traveled throughout the world in such countries as France, Turkey,Greece, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, Ireland and across the United Sates. These diverse settings have given Golnar a panoramic understanding of human culture and traditions that have been incorporated into her work. 

The mother of two has worked with various charities over the years such as The International Society for Children with Cancer (ISCC) and Cure Autism Now. Golnar has been a devoted activist and advocate for Autism awareness since her son was diagnosed with Autism in 1990. She has been a profound voice for raising awareness, research, early intervention, and parent support. In 2018 Golnar spoke on the panel 'Unspoken Taboos' at the Iranian American Women's Leadership Conference about Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health awareness for the Iranian American community. 

For over 30 years Golnar has been an activist for the Iranian Community involved with events and programs celebrating Iranian culture and promoting education of ancient Persian history and traditions. While living in Washington D.C. she gave lectures at the Library of Congress on Iranian heritage and on the Persian New Year tradition of "Nou-Rouz".


Golnar's Persian heritage has been a great source of pride in her life. The love of her culture and its traditions remains with her in any part of the world and is the essence from which she derives her inspiration. 

Throughout her life Golnar's faith and family have been the driving force behind her. Her life took a turn after her eldest child graduated high school. It was at that time her journey lead to a new chapter and her vocation as Reverend. As a nondenominational Reverend, Golnar brings together her strong spirituality, passion for family, and deep appreciation for the essential gifts of life. 

Golnar currently resides in Los Angeles California and feels blessed each day to have a career that celebrates life, love, and the beauty of marriage.

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